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Victor Buck Services



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Victor Buck Services

Forworx has redesigned the facilities for VBS (Victor Buck Services): approximately 1724m ² of office space in the IVY Building in Capellen. VBS is a PSF print company specialized in document printing outsourcing, in particular for banking services and administration. VBS is 49% owned by the Luxembourg State and is active in Europe and Asia.

Renaud Jamar, the Managing Director of VBS explains: "the environment is particularly beneficial for our employees: enough parking, the office is close to the main road, there are shops nearby, an excellent network of public transport, and above all breathtaking views of the countryside". Nicolas Buck, the managing director adds: "Another reason for choosing the IVY building is a generator that provides power in case of mains failure. This is essential to our high added value business services."

The IVY building is an ambitious project designed by architects Steinmetz De Meyer, and designed and managed by Forworx. In a modern design, the IVY stands out with its flat roof, wooden cladding and the glass atrium. The building was designed according to the tenant's needs: the surfaces can be divided into spaces from 244m ², each space containing restrooms and other specific amenities. The surfaces were designed to be equipped at the lowest possible cost. They are air-conditioned and ventilated, with opening windows. The car park includes 137 spaces and IT rooms can be located underground. The building is currently 100% rented to eight different tenants.



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