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Forworx's multidisciplinary team can offer in-depth solutions to real estate issues clients may encounter.


FORWORX know-how is based on the combined knowledge of our engineers and consultants, in terms of real estate, architectural and environmental practices, as well as investments. Our experts ensure nothing is left to chance, , by planning the management of each project in every detail



Asset management : we manage our clients’ assets by defining a real estate strategy of marketing and developing an optimum properties management.

Capital markets : we connect investment funds, insurers, banks, private investors, real estate owners and developers on behalf of our clients.

Advisory : we assist our clients in defining and implementing a property policy for acquisition or lease.

We focus on the facts, paving the way to a factual calculation of risks, benefits and costs.



Taking care of our clients’ holdings is above all maintaining a permanent contact with tenants, ensuring a sound and structured management of maintenance services and handling the sustainability and optimization of financial flows.

Our partners are high-performance technicians, experienced managers who maintain constant contact with service providers on the one hand and tenants on the other.

Our proactive team enables our clients (investment funds, family offices, property owners) to obtain a tailor-made service that meets their requirements.



Project management is our driving force. Because we know our customers well, we know what constraints they face, both in terms of time and cost.

Coordinating the different phases of a project, defining priorities in line with budgets, respecting deadlines, defining investments precisely, obtaining the best market conditions, drawing up slips, monitoring the project quality are all tasks that our team carries out with dedication.

Forworx can act as delegated project management or general contractor.



The human factor is the essential component in interior design: we believe concept design can help make the best use of clients' office space, from both a financial and an energy point of view, while offering employees an environment adapted to their well-being and ergonomic needs.


Forworx's designers pay utmost attention to comfortable infrastructure, creating fluid, timeless design and lighting, and selecting environmentally preferred materials.






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