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NYUKO is a new innovation platform in Luxembourg, fuelling ambitious and entrepreneurial creativity. Created by the merger of Business Initiative asbl and Impactory, NYUKO is a space dedicated to co-working in three ways: Nyuko Learning, Sharing and Nyuko Funding.

"NYUKO? it is what you make of it" says the home page of the website. "It's a place where you work hard on your dream of creating a business!"

Nicolas Buck, President of NYUKO, wanted to create a completely new concept in Luxembourg, open both to Business Angels and to all ambitious entrepreneurs. With Forworx's support, he sought out an industrial space, not a corporate space, where Luxembourg business development professionals will meet.

Forworx identified and gave a new lease of life to the ideal building: an old factory, located at 121, rue de Hollerich. We redesigned the space to support individual work or team dynamics, and enable sharing in a flexible space, without the disadvantages of an open plan office. To convert this industrial space into a workspace, Forworx's architects focused on insulation and acoustics. They brought in more light and color, and injected a dynamic feel into the office, with a playful combination of bright and soft colors, and a selection of resolutely inspiring and contemporary art.

The meeting rooms open onto a large, bright, loft space and provide the necessary privacy for the presentation of confidential projects.



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