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With no less than 170 different nationalities within a 2,600km2 territory, Luxembourg is a dynamically rich economy with a well-recognized quality of life. With great political and economic stability, Luxembourg is one of the most productive, competitive and safe countries in the world.

Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita stands out as the highest internationally. Luxembourg's economy thus rates among the most successful in the European Union. Through its legal, regulatory and tax framework, it is an environment that is favourable to businesses and investments.

Forworx, as an independent business partner, and as a specialist in real estate strategy and consultancy, is here to support you in your investment, offering a dedicated and innovative service.  



As an advisor, representing your interests, we help with real estate purchases and investments: we independently defend and pursue our clients’ best interests. As tenants, owners, professionals, individuals, or for a family office, Forworx supports you in your real estate investments.


To offer tailor-made investment concepts, through personalized support, based on dialogue, and a real estate strategy fuelled by research and analysis, based on an efficient and effective methodologies.


A multidisciplinary and multilingual environment! Within the Forworx team we have very different profiles, which allows us to understand and handle diverse situations. Specialized lawyers, economists, architects, engineers - available to you is perfect knowledge of the local market (selling price, professional estimates, building techniques ...), as well as a great technical expertise by dedicated specialists, at every stage of your investment.

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