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Forworx was contracted to find new office space and refurbish facilities for Generali Investments Luxembourg SA. The 3,500 m² MONNET 4 building on the Kirchberg was chosen. It had recently been renovated by the owner, Leasinvest. Forworx' architects worked with the French and Italian Generali Group teams to develop a design concept that met their requirements. The signage, a welcoming environment, meeting spaces and quiet areas were redesigned according to the Generali Group standards, its innovative branding and the specific needs of its team in Luxembourg. The very bold design has resulted in a 600m²modular space that can accommodate over 25 people.

Generali Investments Luxembourg SA is part of the Generali Group, specializing in mutual fund asset management and alternative funds domiciled in Luxembourg and other European countries.



596 m²
Design concept
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