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Banque Raiffeisen

As Luxembourg's main cooperative financial institution, Raiffeisen aims to meet the needs of its customers and their economic and social environment.

From the beginning, its ambition has been to offer quality products and services while building strong and lasting relationships with all its customers, partners and shareholders.

For each point of sale, Raiffeisen has developed at least three complementary services delivered to private individuals, businesses and for wealth management.

With its network of over 40 branches, Raiffeisen delivers individuals' everyday transactions, project financing, and savings and investments management. It serves businesses and independent professionals through a team of consultants in financial services and state aid, while providing their customers with tailored tracking and management services. Finally, experts in asset management provide a professional service to investors, taking their risk profile into account.

Forworx recently renovated the new Luxembourg-Kirchberg agency located on avenue JF Kennedy, in Arendt House, in close collaboration with Raiffeisen's architecture and engineering team. The main challenge was to adapt to the sinuous shape of the building, and seamlessly integrate the services of the bank, while taking into account Raiffeisen's corporate identity.

Forworx brought innovation and adaptability through a dynamic concept using the office furniture, seating heights, meeting spaces and modes, signage, lighting, and flooring and ceilings integrating building technology. Forworx were able to create a bright and comforting atmosphere, juxtaposing natural materials (wood, corian) and simple colors (wood, white, green).



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