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Adapt your spaces to watch over your health


Pushed by the COVID-19 epidemic, we must, in the short term, adjust our daily practices. In the long term, we need to bring a structural change (remote working, new materials, refit, etc.) to our working methods.


Thus, and in order to comply with the new health standards (Grand-Ducal regulation of 17 April 2020), it becomes imperative to rearrange our surfaces to meet the demands of an interior architecture of social distancing, while focusing our spaces on our health. Offices, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces must be reviewed in light of the interactive exchange technologies used during the containment period.

We need to instil security and confidence in order to optimise the return of employees and to work at full productivity and reassure our customers.


As a real estate agency, Forworx offers you its multiple skills to find efficient and personalized solutions in order to reconcile aseptic spaces, social distancing and conviviality.


What can we do for you?


Office and open space layout
  • Reduce density
  • Redesign your offices to meet new requirements (addition of partition, office 120°, etc.)
  • Ensure an efficient ventilation (sanitation)
  • Adapt your furnitures with antibacterial materials
  • Increase video conference rooms


Traffic flow / building signage
  • Manage inputs and outputs
  • Rethinking traffic flow within the building (stairs and elevator)
  • Install clear signage and instructions
  • Revamp access, door openings (automatic door)
  • Review the use of control boxes (smartphone control)


Health stations
  • Install hydro-alcoholic gel terminals in strategic locations (touchless, built-in, customized)
  • Create stations to provide masks, wipes and dedicated instructions
  • Modify sanitary spaces


Search for new offices
  • To divide «too big» teams
  • To find smaller offices following the introduction of remote working
  • To meet the new standards of sanitary standards.




For inquiries or to make appointments as part of the implementation of the new health standards, please contact




Pierre Joppart

MRICS - Associé

+352 276 20 301-20





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