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Based in Luxembourg, Forworx is an INDEPENDANT CONSULTACY specialising in real estate strategy and advice, interior design, project management and technical audit. Based on these 4 competencies, we provide a full range of integrated real estate services and solutions, including the search for optimal professional office space, its improvement and redesign.


Forworx's highly qualified team of architects, economists and engineers is ideally equipped to build and implement fully integrated strategies. Combining all or some of these competencies leads to highly personalized solutions that have an impact at all levels of the business.


Our goal is to optimize our clients' professional infrastructure through the development of a real estate strategy, search and selection of appropriate properties, offering building and redesign projects, all the way to office maintenance. The outcome is a productive office space that meets our clients' needs.


Our role is to represent tenants' or owners' interests , wether they are professionnal or private individual, completely independently – and to advise and support them in their real estate choices.
Whatever the scale of the project, whether a few hundred square feet, or thousands of square meters, Forworx brings valuable expertise.


Forworx’s Environmental policy

Forworx manages real estate projects and developments that are, by definition, long term and durable. Forworx also makes a concrete contribution to sustainable development as a long term goal: first of all for its own operations, but also with respect to its customers and suppliers.

Forworx therefore selects suppliers that have similarly responsible environmental policies. Forworx makes choices for itself that are both economically reasonable and environmentally sound, and in as far as possible recommends such choices to its clients.


forworx politique environnementale

Forworx undertakes to develop, implement and pursue its environmental policy, as well as to communicate it to staff, customers and suppliers.






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